Software for the static calculation of pipes in open trenches according to ATV / DWA- A127

Software acc. to ATV, DWA und DVWK

This calculation method is based on the ATV-A 127 worksheet of August 2000. DIN EN 1295 part 1 and DIN EN 1610 have also been taken into account as far as is relevant.

This intelligent software PipeWorks for the calculation of pipes in the open trench offers the possibility to optimize pressurized and pressureless pipes with regard to the laying conditions, the material and the wall thickness, to avoid damages, to save enormous costs with the same function and to show clear alternative solutions.

Statik Rohre offene Bauweise ATV A127Statik Rohre offene Bauweise ATV A127

Calculation possibilities

  • Pipe materials
  • flexible pipes
  • stiff pipes
  • Drainage pipes
  • slotted tubes
  • perforated pipes
  • Reinforced concrete pipes
  • reinforced concrete for sewers
  • Bearing
  • flexible bearing
  • concrete bearing
  • Lowering areas
  • Pipe shapes
  • round pipes
  • eggshapes
  • Foot tubes
  • Culverts
  • waters crossings
  • Installation under water
  • Multilayer tubes
  • Coated pipes
  • concealed pipes
  • Loads
  • Road and rail traffic loads
  • general area loads

Due to the possibility to select the material parameters freely within the software, any pipes, even from new materials, can be calculated. Standard values are stored in a material database.

We would be happy to send you a free DEMO version.

Software static calculation pipes


Gutachter Rohre Open
ATV-A 127
Gutachter Kunststoff InLiner
DWA-A 143-2
Gutachter Folien Beschichtungen Tunneling
DWA-A 161
Gutachter Schweissen Kunststoff Manholes
ATV-A 127
statische Berechnung Rohre Landfill
ATV-M 127-1